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Customize table views

When the data displayed in the Console is tabular listing objects of a particular type, you can customize the table by filtering the data displayed and adding or subtracting columns and rows. You can also sort the data tables by clicking on the column headers.

To customize tabular data:

  1. Navigate to an object table and click Customize this table, located at the top of the table.
  2. To filter the data that appears in a table, under Filter:
    1. Select a column for filtering the data displayed.
    2. Specify filtering criteria (a text string) in the Criteria text box.

      The filtering criteria is specified as a string in the WLDF Query Language. The query language supports Boolean operators: AND, OR, and NOT, and relational operators. For more information on query syntax, see WLDF Query Language.

  3. To customize the columns and rows displayed, under View:
    1. Add attributes to display by moving them from the list of Available items (on the left) to Chosen (on the right).
    2. Remove attributes displayed by moving them from the list of Chosen items to Available items.
    3. Select the number of rows to display and the maximum number of rows displayed.
  4. Click Apply.

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