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Configure Diagnostic Data Retirement

Diagnostic data retirement settings specify when diagnostic records are deleted from the diagnostic archives. Data retirement settings can be specified at two levels:
  • The diagnostic store for the server instance.
    • For a file-based store, you can specify the preferred maximum size and the period when the archive is checked to see if it has exceeded that size. When the size is exceeded, older records are deleted.

    • For both file-based stores and database-based stores, you can enable or disable data retirement, including data retirement policies for the indiviudal archives in the store, as described below.

    For instructions on configuring data retirement at this level, see Configure diagnostic archives.

  • For each archive in the diagnostic store, including HarvestedDataArchive, EventsDataArchive, and custom archives, you can a create data retirement policy that causes records to be removed when they exceed a specified age. Data retirement policies can be enabled and disabled independently, but data retirement at the server level must be enabled for any data retirement policy to be enabled.

    For insturctions on creating and configuring data retirement policies for individual archives, see Create Diagnostic Data Retirement Policies.

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