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Configure Foreign JNDI

A foreign JNDI provider represents a JNDI tree that resides outside of a WebLogic Server environment. This could be a JNDI tree in a different server environment or within an external Java program. By setting up a foreign JNDI provider you can lookup and use a remote object with the same ease as using an object bound in your WebLogic server instance. In other words, you can access local and remote objects using a single WebLogic Server connection.

The main steps for setting up and using a foreign JNDI provider are:

  1. Specify the InitialContext connection to the foreign JNDI tree.

    See Create a foreign JNDI provider.

  2. Set up local to remote link object pairings.

    See Create foreign JNDI object links.

  3. On start up, WebLogic Server attempts to connect to the JNDI source.
  4. If the connection is successful, Web Logic Server sets up the requested objects and links in the local JNDI tree, making them available to Web Logic Server clients.

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