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Revert to a previous security configuration

It is easy to make a mistake when configuring a new security realm or security providers. A mistake may make it impossible to boot the server to correct the mistake. Reverting the configuration XML files will reinstate a previous realm configuration.

By default, the Administration Server archives up to 5 previous versions of the configuration files in the domain-name/configArchive directory, in JAR files named config.jar#1, config.jar#2, etc. The archived files are rotated so that the newest file has a suffix with the highest number. For more information, see Understanding Domain Configuration for Oracle WebLogic Server.

To revert to a previous security configuration:

  1. Locate the config.jar file that contains the security configuration to which you want to revert, copy it to a temporary directory, and unpack it.
  2. Copy the unpacked configuration files to the appropriate location in the domain-name/config directory. For information about which directories hold which configuration files, see Domain Configuration Files.

After you finish

Restart WebLogic Server so that your changes can take effect.

Note: Note this process will only revert your security realm (meaning, the configuration of the realm and its providers) not users, groups, roles, or security policies used by the realm, which are persisted in a data store and not in the configuration files. For information about backing up information that is persisted in a data store, see Export data from a security provider.

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