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Define ACLs

Compatibility security provides backward compatibility for ACLs and should not be considered a long-term security solution. The steps in this section should only be used if you corrupt an existing 6.x security realm and you have no choice but to restore it. Instead of ACLs, use security roles and security policies to protect WebLogic resources.

Note: ACLs on MBeans are not supported in this release of WebLogic Server. For more information, see "Layered Security Scheme for Server Resources" in Securing WebLogic Resources.

When you specify an ACL for a JDBC connection pool, you must specifically define access to the JDBC connection pool for the system user in the file. For example:


To create ACLs for WebLogic resources:

  1. Expand Compatibility Security > ACLs and click New.

    The Create a New ACL page appears.

  2. Enter the appropriate values for the ACL's name, permission, user, and group properties and click OK.

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