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Specify MBean instance names

If you want to narrow the scope of an SNMP monitor to a specific MBean instance, specify the short name of the MBean instance (instance name) when you create an SNMP monitor or attribute change. If you leave the instance name undefined in the Monitored MBean Name field, the SNMP monitor observes all instances of the MBean that are within the scope of the monitor's parent SNMP agent.

A managed bean (MBean) is a Java bean that provides a generic management interface based on Java Management Extensions (JMX). All WebLogic resources are instrumented as MBeans and WebLogic Server SNMP agents use their JMX interface to retrieve monitoring data. Each MBean is an instance of an MBean type, and each instance has an instance name. You supply short name of the instance name when you create a WebLogic Server resource.

For example, if you deploy JDBC data sources in your domain, each data source maintains its own JDBCDataSourceRuntimeMBean. If you want an SNMP counter monitor to observe only the JDBCDataSourceRuntimeMBean for a data source named examples-demo, specify examples-demo as the MBean instance name. The counter monitor will only monitor an JDBCDataSourceRuntimeMBean whose name is examples-demo regardless of how many other instances of JDBCDataSourceRuntimeMBean are within the scope of the monitor's parent SNMP agent. If you target an SNMP agent to a WebLogic Server instance that does not host the examples-demo MBean, the counter monitor that is running within that agent will never generate notifications. If you target an SNMP agent to the Administration Server, the counter monitor will monitor all instances of the examples-demo MBean on all servers within the domain.

On the Configuration page for an SNMP monitor or attribute change, the Monitored MBean Name list displays all currently active instances of selected MBean type in the domain.

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