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Monitor a Web Service

After a Web Service is installed and started, you can get information about the service, such as its associated ports, public operations, and so on.

To monitor a Web Service:

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, select Deployments.
  2. In the right pane, navigate within the Deployments table until you find the Web Service you want to monitor.

    Note: Web Services can be deployed on their own, or as part of an Enterprise Application. To understand how Web Services are displayed in the Administration Console, see View installed Web Services.

  3. In the Deployments table, click the name of the Web service.
  4. Select Monitoring > General to display a table that lists the Web Service and the URI used to invoke it from a client application.
  5. Select Monitoring > Ports for a table listing the ports associated with the Web Service.
  6. In table of ports in the Monitoring > Ports tab, click on a specific port name to view the public operations that can be invoked by client applications. For each operation, runtime monitoring information is also displayed, such as the times the operation has been invoked since the WebLogic Server instance started, the average time it took to invoke the Web Service, the time it took to respond, and so on.

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