Reference Lines dialog

Use this dialog to specify reference lines for a graph. A reference line is a fixed line against which graphed values can be compared. For example, you might add a reference line to represent a sales target, to emphasize which regions achieved the sales target.

For more information, see:

"About components of a Discoverer graph"


Use this field to specify whether reference lines appear in the graph.


Use this field to specify the color of the reference lines.


Use this field to specify the thickness (or weight) of the reference line.


Use this field to specify a label for the reference line. Click in the box and type a label. The label is displayed in the graph legend.

Cross at

Use this field to specify the value along the axis at which the reference line is displayed. For example, to represent a sales target of $100,000, you might enter 100,000. Or, on a percentage axis, enter 40 to add a reference line at 40%.