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What's New in This Guide

Part I Understanding Security Concepts

1 Overview of Java Security Models

2 Introduction to Oracle Platform Security Services

3 Understanding Users and Roles

4 Understanding Identities, Policies, and Credentials

5 About Oracle Platform Security Services Scenarios

Part II Basic OPSS Administration

6 Security Administration

7 Deploying Secure Applications

Part III Advanced OPSS Administration

8 OPSS Authorization and the Policy Store

9 Configuring the Credential Store

10 Configuring Single Sign-On in Oracle Fusion Middleware

11 Introduction to Oracle Fusion Middleware Audit Framework

12 Configuring and Managing Auditing

13 Using Audit Analysis and Reporting

Part IV Developing with Oracle Platform Security Services APIs

14 Overview of Developing Secure Applications with Oracle Platform Security Services

15 Manually Configuring JavaEE Applications to Use OPSS

16 Developing Authentication

17 Developing with the Credential Store Framework

18 Developing Authorization

19 Developing with the User and Role API

20 Developing with Oracle HTTPClient Security

Part V Appendices

A OPSS Configuration File Reference

B File-Based Identity and Policy Store Reference

C Oracle Fusion Middleware Audit Framework Reference

D User and Role API Reference

E Administration with WLST Scripting and MBean Programming

F OPSS System and Configuration Properties

G Upgrading Security Data

H References

I Troubleshooting Security in Oracle Fusion Middleware