2 Supported Starting Point for Java EE Upgrade

This guide provides instructions for upgrading your Java EE applications and environment from Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3 ( to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g.

Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3 ( included the components of the Oracle SOA Suite, but provided options for installing only OC4J, or only OC4J and Oracle HTTP Server. These "Standalone OC4J Instance" and "Integrated Web Server and OC4J Middle Tier" topologies are the focus of this guide.For information about upgrading your SOA environment and SOA applications, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade Guide for Oracle SOA Suite, WebCenter, and ADF.


The patch set was the latest patch set available at the time this guide was published.

For a list of the latest patch sets available for your installation, refer to My Oracle Support (formerly, OracleMetaLink):