94 Configuring Session Broker and Client Sessions

This chapter describes the various components that you must configure in order to use session broker sessions.

This chapter includes the following sections:

Table 94-1 lists the configurable options for session broker sessions.

94.1 Introduction to Session Broker and Client Session Configuration

Table 94-1 lists the configurable options for session broker sessions.

Table 94-1 Configurable Options for Session Broker Session

Option to Configure Oracle JDeveloper
TopLink Workbench

Removing, renaming, or adding sessions (see Section 94.2, "Removing, Renaming, or Adding Sessions")

Supported Supported Supported

Primary mapping project (see Section 89.2, "Configuring a Primary Mapping Project")

Supported Supported Supported

Session login (see Section 89.3, "Configuring a Session Login")

Supported Supported Supported

Logging (see Section 89.4, "Configuring Logging")

Supported Supported Supported

Multiple mapping projects (see Section 89.5, "Configuring Multiple Mapping Projects")

Supported Supported Supported

Performance profiler (see Section 89.6, "Configuring a Performance Profiler")

Supported Supported Supported

Exception handler (see Section 89.7, "Configuring an Exception Handler")

Supported Supported Supported

Session customizer class (see Section 89.8, "Configuring a Session Customizer Class")

Supported Supported Supported

Server platform (see Section 89.9, "Configuring the Server Platform")

Supported Supported Supported

Session event listeners (see Section 89.10, "Configuring Session Event Listeners")

Supported Supported Supported

Coordinated cache (see Section 103, "Configuring a Coordinated Cache")

Supported Supported Supported

Integrity checker (see Section 89.11, "Configuring the Integrity Checker")

Supported Supported Supported

Named queries (see Section 89.13, "Configuring Named Queries at the Session Level")

Unsupported Unsupported Supported

94.2 Removing, Renaming, or Adding Sessions

You can manage the sessions contained by a session broker with Oracle JDeveloper or TopLink Workbench.


Add only sessions of the same type to any given session broker. Do not mix sessions of different types within a session broker.

94.2.1 How to Use TopLink Workbench to Remove, Rename, or Add Sessions

To add sessions to, remove sessions from, or rename sessions in a session broker, use this procedure:

  1. Select a session broker in the Navigator. Its properties appear in the Editor.

  2. Click the General tab. The General tab appears.

  3. Click the Sessions subtab. The Sessions subtab appears.

    Figure 94-1 General Tab, Sessions Subtab

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To manage the sessions in this session broker, choose one of the following:

  • To remove a session, select the session in the Sessions tab's list and click Remove.

  • To rename a session, select the session in the Sessions tab's list and click Rename. The Rename dialog box appears. Enter a new name and click OK.

  • To add a session, click Add Session. The Sessions dialog box appears showing a list of all the sessions currently configured in the session configuration that owns this session broker.

    Figure 94-2 Sessions Dialog Box

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    Description of "Figure 94-2 Sessions Dialog Box"

    Check the sessions in the Session dialog that you want to add to the session broker and click OK.