WebLogic Shared Libraries

A WebLogic Shared Library is an Enterprise Application Archive, a stand-alone EJB, a Web Application module, or a JAR file that is registered with the WebLogic Server as a shared library. The library resources can be shared between multiple applications, alleviating the need to have duplicate copies of the resources in each application. For an overview of WebLogic Shared Libraries, see J2EE Library: Overview in the WebLogic Server documentation. See the common operations section for an understanding of actions you may take with WebLogic Shared Libraries.

For troubleshooting assistance, please refer to the list of common error and validation warnings.


Library reference: WebLogic Shared Libraries are referenced indirectly by specifying the name of the library, the specification version (optional), the implementation version (optional) and whether a newer version of the library should be used if present. The library references are used on the project classpath and in the deployment descriptors (weblogic-application.xml and weblogic.xml). Library references are resolved against the libraries registry when necessary.

Libraries registry (or registry): The list of known WebLogic Shared Libraries which is used to resolve a library reference. In the IDE, the registry can be viewed and manipulated using the workspace preference page located at Window > Preferences > WebLogic > Shared Libraries. At runtime, the registry is described in the domain's config.xml file.