Developing Diameter Applications

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Using the Diameter Base Protocol API

Overview of Diameter Protocol Support

Overview of the Diameter API

Working with Diameter Nodes

Implementing a Diameter Application

Working with Diameter Sessions

Working with Diameter Messages

Sending Request Messages

Sending Answer Messages

Creating New Command Codes

Working with AVPs

Creating New Attributes

Creating Converged Diameter and SIP Applications

Using the Diameter Sh Interface Application

Overview of Profile Service API and Sh Interface Support

Enabling the Sh Interface Provider

Overview of the Profile Service API

Creating a Document Key for Application-Managed Profile Data

Using a Constructed Document Key to Manage Profile Data

Monitoring Profile Data with ProfileListener

Prerequisites for Listener Implementations

Implementing ProfileListener

Using the Diameter Rf Interface Application for Offline Charging

Overview of Rf Interface Support

Understanding Offline Charging Events

Event-Based Charging ¶

Session-Based Charging ¶

Configuring the Rf Application

Using the Offline Charging API

Accessing the Rf Application

Implementing Session-Based Charging

Sending Asynchronous Requests

Specifying the Session Expiration

Implementing Event-Based Charging

Using the Accounting Session State ¶

Using the Diameter Ro Interface Application for Online Charging

Overview of Ro Interface Support

Understanding Credit Authorization Models

Credit Authorization with Unit Determination

Credit Authorization with Direct Debiting

Determining Units and Rating

Configuring the Ro Application

Overview of the Online Charging API

Accessing the Ro Application

Implementing Session-Based Charging

Handling Re-Auth-Request Messages

Sending Credit-Control-Request Messages

Handling Failures

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