Interface MetadataEnabledEvent

public interface MetadataEnabledEvent

An event that has instance metadata associated with it. Event instance metadata is defined by EventMetadata. The most basic way to associate metadata with an event is for the user to write his event type so that it implements the EventMetadata interface. The EventMetadata interface adds a get and set method for EventMetadata to the user's event type. It is expected that user code will only use the getEventMetadata method, in case user code wants to examine metadata that has been created by the Event Server. The Event Server or Event Repository will be responsible for calling the setEventMetadata method, as well as the set methods within the EventMetadata class itself.

Method Summary
 EventMetadata getEventMetadata()
 void setEventMetadata(EventMetadata metadata)

Method Detail


public EventMetadata getEventMetadata()

the instance metadata assoicated with the event


public void setEventMetadata(EventMetadata metadata)

metadata - sets the instance metadata for the event

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