Package com.bea.wlevs.ede.api

Interface Summary
ActivatableBean Interface to be implemented by beans that need to react when dynamic configuration has been set and the containing EPN is activated.
Adapter Marker interface for Adapters.
AdapterFactory Factory for creating Adapters.
ApplicationIdentityAware Interface to be implemented by beans that wish to know the application id of the containing EPN.
BoundStatement Statement created through binding placeholder values for a PreparedStatement.
DataProvider Provider of non-streaming data.
DisposableBean Interface to be implemented by beans that want to release resources when the containing EPN is destroyed and the application undeployed.
EventBean Interface needed to be implemented by beans that wish to managed by the container.
EventBeanFactory Factory for creating EventBean's.
EventBuilder Builder that knows how to create events of a certain event type.
EventBuilder.Factory Factory for event builder.
EventMetadata All the metadata that is associated with an event instance.
EventSender An EventSender sends events emitted by an EventSource
EventSink An EventSink receives events emitted by an EventSource.
EventSource Interface to be implemented by beans that want to emit events.
EventType This interface provides event type metadata for events.
EventTypeRepository EventTypeRepository is a repository for all of the registered event types in the Event Server.
Factory Factory interfaces for all stages.
InitializingBean Interface to be implemented by beans that need to react once all their properties have been set by the EPN container, for example, to perform custom initialization, or merely to check that all mandatory properties have been set.
InstanceConstants Predefined property names used in instance creation and advertisement
Manageable Marker interface to denote monitoring and configuration capability.
MapEventObject An event may either be represented as a JavaBean or as a Map.
MetadataEnabledEvent An event that has instance metadata associated with it.
PreparedStatement Statement that contains placeholders for values to be bound at runtime.
Processor Processors filter, correlate, aggregate, and perform other event processing functions.
ProcessorFactory Factory for creating Processors.
ResumableBean Interface to be implemented by beans that need to prepare (e.g. acquire or configure resources) before resuming work.
RunnableBean Interface to be implemented by beans that want to be run in a thread.
Stage A Stage is a node of an Event Processing Network (EPN).
StageConstants Predefined property names uses in Stage creation and advertisement
StageFactory Factory interface that is implemented by all Stage creators
StageIdentityAware Interface to be implemented by Stage components that wish to be aware of their identity.
Statement Represent a single compiled query.
StatementManager Manages compiled and prepared statements.
Stream Streams are virtual pipes that continously handle events.
StreamFactory Factory for creating Streams.
SuspendableBean Interface to be implemented by beans that want to suspend resources or stop processing events when the containing EPN is suspended.

Class Summary
EventRejectedException.Reason Enumeration representing the reason for rejecting the events:

Exception Summary
EventRejectedException Exception raised by an event sink to indicate a problem during processing of one or more event(s).
MultiStatementException Exception raised if one or more errors are detected when loading a set of statements in bulk
StatementException Exception raised when attempting to add an invalid statement

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