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Oracle® WebCenter Collaboration Installation and Upgrade Guide, Volume 1
10g Release 3 (10.3) for Adobe FrameMaker 7.2 or higher, on Windows
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A Installing the Exchange Remote API to Enable Groupware Integration

This appendix describes how to install the Exchange Remote API, which you use to integrate with Microsoft Exchange.


The Exchange Remote API must be installed on a Windows machine. You can install the Exchange Remote API on either the Oracle WebCenter Collaboration host or on a different machine. You can run the Exchange Remote API installer before or after installing Oracle WebCenter Collaboration.

To install the Exchange Remote API:

  1. Install .NET 2.0 on the machine that will host the Exchange Remote API.

    This must be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site (

  2. Install Microsoft Web Services Enhancement 2.0 on the machine that will host the Exchange Remote API.

    This must be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site (

  3. Install the Exchange Remote API. For details, see Section A.1, "Running the Exchange Remote API Installer".

  4. Enable Groupware integration using Oracle WebCenter Configuration Manager. This step cannot be completed until after you run the Oracle WebCenter Collaboration installer. For more information on enabling Groupware integration, see Administrator Guide for Oracle WebCenter Collaboration.

A.1 Running the Exchange Remote API Installer

This section describes how to run the Exchange Remote API installer.

To run the Exchange Remote API installer:

  1. Double-click the installation file WebCenterCollaborationExchangeRemoteAPI_10. This file is located in the Collaboration CD or download, in the same directory as the WebCenterCollaboration_10. installation file.

  2. Complete the following installer screens:

Table A-1 Exchange Remote API Installer Screens

Installer Screen Description


Provides general information on using the installer.

Installation Folder

Accept the default installation folder or select a different folder in which to install the Exchange Remote API.

Select IIS Web Site

Choose to deploy to the Default Web Site or another Web site.

Specify IIS Web Site Information

If you choose to deploy the Exchange Remote API to a Web site other than the default Web site, enter the IIS Web site name, HTTP, and HTTPS ports.

Note: If the name you enter is not the name of an existing IIS Web site, a new Web site is created. If the Web site already exists, the secure and non-secure ports will be changed to the entries made in the installer.



Confirm the installation folder.

Click Install.

Install Complete

Choose to restart the system now or restart it manually. The system must be restarted to complete the installation.

Click Done.