Oracle WebCenter Portlet Toolkit for .NET Development Guide

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Configuring Image Server Access

If the URL used to access the portal Image Service internally is different from the URL used for external access, and the portlet server is hosted internally, you must configure the Image Service address.

Some network configurations require that the portal Image Service be accessed through a different URL internally and externally. This can be a problem for portlet servers that are hosted internally because Oracle WebCenter Interaction always sends the external Image Service URL (the portlet must contact the Image Service to retrieve auxiliary JavaScript files). If this is the case, set up a mapping to allow the portlet server to determine the internal Image Service address. This can be achieved in two ways.

The simplest way is to map the external image server to the internal URL by following the steps below:

  1. Open the imageserver.mapping.xml file in a text editor. This file is located in the .NET Web Controls installation folder, under \settings\config.
  2. Add a new entry for the internal Image Service, as shown below:
    <mapping find="" replace="http://internal-servername:8080/ptimages/"/>
    You must include the whole URL; sections of the URL will not be replaced. To replace sections, you must use a regular expression mapper, as shown below:
    <mapping regex="true" find="www.external-(\w+).com" replace="internal-$1:8080" />
    (Both mappings do the same thing in this case. For details on syntax, see .NET regular expressions.)
  3. Save the imageserver.mapping.xml file.
  4. Restart IIS or re-save the config.xml file located in the same directory (this instructs the Web Controls to reload all configuration settings).
The second option is to set an alternative Image Service URL to override the external URL, using an Administrative preference. The default setting name is PTWC.Mapping.Override (this name can be changed in the HttpPipe.xml file). You must create an administrative preferences page to set the preference. This granularity of configuration is not generally necessary except for specific remote portlets that access the Image Service through a specific unique URL.

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