Oracle WebCenter Interaction Web Service Development Guide

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About Oracle WebCenter Interaction REST APIs

Oracle WebCenter Interaction REST APIs allow remote web services to post documents to the portal Directory, update Community membership, and post stories to portal user’s activity stream through simple HTTP requests.

REST stands for Representational State Transfer and is a simple way of providing APIs over HTTP. The basic principles of REST are:
  • API URLs point to the resource being used, rather than a generic method endpoint.
  • Requests use standard HTTP verbs for simplified CRUD methods - Create: POST, Update: POST, Retrieve: GET, Delete: DELETE.
  • Create and Update data is sent as POST body (JSON/XML).
  • Every request should return a full (or at least standard) representation of the object created, updated, or retrieved.
These APIs do not support the full REST range (i.e. CRUD), and handle a small amount of functionality. The following REST APIs are available:
Note: The Oracle WebCenter Interaction REST APIs are protected by Oracle WebCenter Interaction security. Access is restricted to portal users by login token verification or basic authentication. For details, see Configuring Web Services that Use Oracle WebCenter Interaction REST APIs.

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