Oracle WebCenter Interaction Web Service Development Guide

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Transforming URLs Using Adaptive Tags

The pt:common.url and pt:common.transformer tags allow you to create and manipulate gatewayed URLs.

The pt:common.url tag is used to transform URLs that should be gatewayed. If the URL in the pt:href attribute is outside the gateway, it will be transformed to an absolute URL. This feature does not generate a link in HTML; it obtains the URL as a string and passes it to a client-side function, as shown in the following example.
function myFunction()
document.write("<pt:common.url pt:href="myURL" xmlns:pt=''/>");
The pt:common.transformer tag allows you to turn off JavaScript URL transformation in a gatewayed page. Set the pt:fixurl attribute to "off" as shown below.
<pt:common.transformer pt:fixurl="off" xmlns:pt=''/>
The transformer will not insert calls to the JavaScript URL transformation function for the rest of the file, unless you switch the feature back on in a subsequent directive (with a pt:fixurl attribute of "on").

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