Using Format Builder

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Format Builder Main Window

Using the Menu Bar

Using the Toolbar

Using the Tree Pane

Using the Shortcut Menus

Using Drag and Drop

Valid Names

Message Format Detail Window

Field Detail Window

Group Detail Window

Reference Detail Window

Comment Detail Window

Format Builder Options

Importing Meta Data

Importing a Guideline XML File

Importing an XML Schema

Importing a COBOL Copybook

Importing C Structures

Starting the C Structure Importer

Generating MFL Data

Generating C Code

Importing an FML Field Table Class

FML Field Table Class Importer Prerequisites

Sample FML Field Table Class Files

Creating XML with the FML Field Table Class Importer

Format Tester

Format Tester Window

Format Tester Menus

File Menu

Edit Menu

Display Menu

Generate Menu

Transform Menu

Shortcut Menu

Using the Non-XML Window

Using the Data Offset Feature

Using the Text Feature

Using the XML Window

Using the Debug Window

Using the Resize Bars

Debugging Format Definitions

Searching for Values

Searching for Offsets

Using the Debug Log

Format Builder Menus

File Menu

Edit Menu

Insert Menu

View Menu

Tools Menu

Help Menu

Shortcut Menu

How Do I?

Create a Message Format

Create a Group

Create a Field

Create a Comment

Create a Reference

Save a Document

Use Format Tester

To Start Format Tester

Debug Format Definitions

Search for Values

Search for Offsets

Use the Debug Log

Character Delimiters

Specify a Delimiter

Specify by Reference

Specify by Value

Delimiter Match Rule

Data Delimiter

Escape Character


Using the Palette

Displaying the Palette Window

Adding Items to the Palette

Adding Palette Items to a Message Format

Using the File Menu

Using the Shortcut Menu

Supported Data Types

MFL Data Types

COBOL Copybook Importer Data Types

Unsupported C Language Features


Big Endian

COBOL Copybook Importer

Code Page


Data Transformation


Document Type Definition (DTD)



Group Choice

Little Endian

Message Format

Message Format Language (MFL)


MFL Character Encoding

Non-XML Data


XML - Extensible Markup Language

XML schema

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