What is a Directory?

Explains what a directory is under ALBPM

In AquaLogic BPM, a directory is a repository used to store information about the organization, including ALBPM project data at the organization level. The directory may be stored completely in a database managed by ALBPM, or alternatively some of the information may be obtained from a directory service provider. At present, Sun ONE LDAP, generic JNDI, and Microsoft Active Directory are the supported providers.

The following organization information is always stored in a database managed by AquaLogic BPM Enterprise:
The following organization information may be stored in the directory database managed by Enterprise, or alternatively be obtained from an external directory provider:
When obtained from a directory provider, information defining groups, participants, and organizational units cannot be changed from ALBPM components such as Process Administrator. These organizational elements must be added, deleted, or edited from the directory provider. However, participants are assigned to roles from ALBPM Process Administrator and the role assignment information is managed by ALBPM independently from the directory service. In other words, you can change role assignments for any participant from Process Administrator, regardless of whether you are using an external directory provider or not.
Restriction: When obtained from a directory provider, participant, group, and organizational unit definitions are read-only from ALBPM.