Stopping a BPM Web Application

You can stop BPM Web applications from the main Admin Center Window.

To stop the BPM Web Applications:

Note: Only the Standalone edition controls all Web applications and services. The WebSphere and WebLogic editions only control the Process Administrator Web application.
Click Stop BPM Web Applications (). The BPM Web Applications will stop.

When the BPM Web Applications server is fully stopped, the Start BPM Web Applications command will be enabled. This may take a few minutes.

Important: If one or more process execution engines were started from Process Administrator, stopping the BPM Web applications (and hence Process Administrator), will NOT stop the engines. If you exit Admin Center under these conditions, any running process engine will continue to run indefinitely complete with its JVM, using system resources including a considerable amount of memory. To avoid this, you must first stop the process engine from Process Administrator, and then stop the BPM Web applications.