<fuego.j2ee : showAppStatus>


This task shows the status of an application deployed in a J2EE Application Server.

It relies on the Fuego J2EE Deployer application, which must be deployed and available for this task to work.


  <target name="show-status" description="Show application status">
      <fuego.j2ee:showAppStatus applicationName="${application.name}"


Attribute Description Type Required?
url The location URL of the deployer web application. Remember that the url should end in "servlet/worker" Example "http://host:port/fuego/deployer/servlet/worker". String Yes
verbose Verbose output. boolean No Default is false
earspath Specify multiple applications based on local ear files located in this path. String Yes cannot be used together with earfile or applicationName
applicationname Specify the application to process using the name defined for it in the Application Server. This name is tipically shown in the Application Server administrative console. String Yes cannot be used together with earspath or earFile
fuegobasedir Path to BPM Enterprise installation directory. File No Defaults to value of fuego.basedir property of your Ant script.
loaderref Reference to BPM classloader. Used internally. Reference No
failonerror Whether to stop the ant build process if an error occurs during the execution of this task. boolean No Defaults to false
earfile Specify the application to process based on a local ear file. String Yes cannot be used together with earspath or applicationName

Parameters accepted as nested elements