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AquaLogic® BPM 6.0

AquaLogic BPM is used to create and manage departmental, enterprise, and inter-enterprise business processes. These business processes generally involve human participants viewing and entering data through a Web browser. This end user data flows through a dynamic sequence of steps encompassing people, applications, and systems. The AquaLogic BPM components include design tools for modeling, developing, and testing processes as well as administrative utilities for deploying and monitoring processes.

Getting Started

The following documents provide release information, requirements, supported configurations and instructions for installing AquaLogic BPM.

Product Online Help

Developer Documentation

ALBPM Studio's Online Help is the main source of information on designing and developing business processes.

If you are new to ALBPM Studio, start with the ALBPM Tutorial (also on PDF).

The following documents are provided to assist with additional development tasks not covered in ALBPM Studio's Online Help:

Administrator Documentation