Log Viewer Overview

The Log Viewer is an AquaLogic BPM desktop utility you can use to view process execution engine logs. You can also view these logs from the Process Administrator, but the Log Viewer has more viewing options.

You can use the Log Viewer to display information logged by the process execution engine. Each process execution engine creates a set of log files. You then use the Log Viewer to read the files, and sort or filter the information so you can best monitor and trace process execution.

The Log Viewer has a number of features that facilitate examination of process engine logs. It allows you to set a filter based on one or more conditions placed on any of the fields of a logged event. You can use Log Viewer to examine the log of a local process engine by opening the log file, or of a remote process engine through an HTTP or HTTPS connection.

Note: The Log Viewer is only for to process engine logs. You cannot use the Log Viewer to examine Web application server logs such as the WorkSpace log. You can access those logs using Admin Center or, for any Web applications hosted by an external application server such as BEA WebLogic or IBM Websphere, using a tool appropriate for that server.

Log Viewer Output

The following table describes each of the output columns of the Log Viewer:
Column Description
Severity Indicates the severity level of the log message.
Message Message the Server sent to the log.
Date Date that the message was logged, translated to the configured time zone.
Time Time the message was logged, translated to the time zone you have configured.
Application Application that sent the message. All Process applications can send log messages to the log files.
Module Module that sent the message.
Thread Thread that sent the message.