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Class fuego.papi.InstanceInfo

Added Methods
InstanceActivityPair getInstanceActivityPair() This method creates and returns an InstanceActivityPair which is needed in order to perform any operation with this instance.
long getKey(String)  
long getKey() Private method.
Object getVariable(String) Returns the value of any variable by id.
Object getVariable(String, Locale) Returns the value of any variable by id for a given locale.
long makeKey(int, int)  

Changed Methods
InstanceStamp getStampForActivity(String) Now deprecated.
Use {@link #getInstanceActivityPair()} instead.
InstanceStamp getStamp() Now deprecated.
Do not use this method.
InstanceStamp getStamp(String) Now deprecated.
Use {@link fuego.papi.collections.InstanceActivityPair#valueOf(String)} instead.
InstanceStamp getStamp(String, String) Now deprecated.
Use {@link fuego.papi.collections.InstanceActivityPair#valueOf(String, String)} instead.
Object getVar(String) Now deprecated.
use {@link #getVariable(String)} instead
Object getVar(String, Locale) Now deprecated.
use {@link #getVariable(String, java.util.Locale)} instead