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Class fuego.papi.ViewType

The superclass changed from java.lang.Enum to java.lang.Enum.

Removed Methods
List family()  
boolean isValid(ViewType) Returns if the specified ViewType is a valid ViewType.

Added Methods
boolean isBookmark()  
boolean isConsultation()  
boolean isHistory()  
ViewType[] values()  

Changed Methods
Msg getMsg() Change in return type from UIMsg to Msg.

Removed Fields
ViewType ACTIVITY_INSTANCES View for instances in an specific activity.
ViewType APPLICATIONS View for applications.
ViewType ATTACHMENTS View for attachments.
ViewType BOOKMARKS View for bookmarked instances.
ViewType CONSULTATIONS View for consultation instances.
ViewType FOLDER View for Folders
ViewType HISTORY View for instances in the history.
ViewType INSTANCES View for instances.