What is Studio?

AquaLogic BPM Studio is a desktop application that allows you to model and implement business processes. Studio creates a common interface for business analysts and developers by providing common views into the same process model.

AquaLogic BPM Studio allows you to integrate, design, test, and evolve your business activities using a process driven method to coordinate and manage internal and external business services.

Process Design

ALBPM Studio provides a complete process modeling environment. Within an ALBPM project, you can create different process models that correspond to different areas of your business. This allows you to create models that account for all of the people, systems and organizations within your business. Each process contains activities, transitions, and roles that define the tasks and workflow.

In addition to the activities, transitions, and roles of your process, you can also create project variables that can be used to define Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your business process.

Studio also allows you to comprehensively document how your process functions. Based on this documentation, developers can implement the process according to the specifications defined by the business analysts who created the process. This allows your process design to function as a contract between the process design and implementation stages.

After you have created a process model, ALBPM Studio allows you to run process simulations that mimic how your process behaves in production.

Process Development

ALBPM Studio also provides a complete process development environment that allows you to go from the process modeling stage to a functioning production environment.

ALBPM Studio allows you to define the business rules and logic that ties your business process together.

For processes requiring integration with back-end applications, AquaLogic BPM processes communicate with these underlying application services through components. Components are also cataloged for use with the AquaLogic BPM adaptors framework that interfaces with application APIs. These APIs can be implemented in various technologies, including Java, EJB, COM,CORBA/IDL, JDBC/ODBC, XML, JMS and other middleware.

Technology adaptors connect to this standard technology instead of a particular application. This allows the component Catalog to connect to any object. It has the ability to introspect any object technology and read its methods and properties to create a 'wrapper' or 'proxies' that directly interfaces with it

ALBPM Studio also provides an environment for testing your business processes before they are deployed in a production environment.


To ensure that the appropriate level of functionality is presented to each type of users, AquaLogic BPM Studio provides different profiles based on each user type. See Profiles for more information.

Eclipse Framework

AquaLogic BPM Studio is built on the Eclipse IDE framework. For information on how ALBPM Studio uses Eclipse, see What is Eclipse?.