BPM Object Tag Library
Tag fieldValue

Use this tag to display the value of a BPM Object attribute. Place this tag in the value attribute of the HTML element.
Place this tag in the value attribute of the HTML element.This tag will generate a String containing the value of the BPM Object attribute preceeded by the string "value=". If the optional attribute onlyValue is set to true, the string "value=" will not be added.


To show the value stored in the attribute telephoneNumber as the text area's default value:

<textarea <f:fieldName att="person.telephoneNumber"/>>
  <f:fieldValue att="person.telephoneNumber" only=true/>

atttruetruejava.lang.StringThe BPM Object attribute containing the value to be displayed. This attribute is accessed through an instance of a BPM Object.
onlyValuefalsetruejava.lang.StringIf set to false does not concatenate the word value to the generated String. This is useful for HTML elements that use the BPM Object attribute's value but do not accept an "value" attribute.

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