BPM Object Tag Library
Tag invoke

Use this tag is used to invoke a method over the BPM Object. This method may return a value, which can be stored into any variable declared in the JSP. By default the scope of this attribute will be page, however it can be changed through an optional attribute. The invoked method may receive one or more arguments which can be basic PBL types or complex types (another BPM Object or Java class).


To invoke a method over a BPM Object instance:

<f:invoke var="${bpmObject}" methodName="myMethod"/>

To invoke a method over an attribute of type BPM Object:

<f:invoke var=${user.history} methodName="myMethod"/>

Method with return value:

<f:invoke var="${bpmObject}" methodName="myMethod" retAttName="myAttribute" retAttScope="Session" />

vartruetruejava.lang.StringBPM Object instance over which the method is invoked. EL(Expression Language) is used to access the BPM Object variable. You can access attributes of type BPM Object, exactly in the same way you do in Java or PBL.
methodNametruefalsejava.lang.StringName of the method to invoke.
retAttNamefalsefalsejava.lang.StringName of the variable where the returning value will be stored.
retAttScopefalsefalsejava.lang.StringScope of the attribute where the returning value of this method is stored. Possible values are: Page, Request, Session and Application.

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