BPM Object Tag Library
Tag selectOne

Generates a drop down list or a radio representation of on an Enumeration or a BPM Object attribute's valid values.


Given a BPM Object with an attribute with valied values country.

To display the possible values as a set of radio buttons:

<f:selectOne att='example.country' type='radio'/>

To display the possible values as a drop-down list:

<f:selectOne att='example.country' type='combo'/>

atttruetruejava.lang.StringA BPM Object attribute of type Enumeration or a BPM Object with valid values.
typefalsetruejava.lang.StringDefines how to render available values for the BPM Object attribute. Use "radio" for a set of radio buttons and "combo" for a drop-down list. If this attribute is not specified the default value is "radio".

No Variables Defined.

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