BPM Object Tag Library
Tag webResources

Use this tag to access files that were imported into the project's web resources (images, CSS, htmls, javaScripts, etc).


To access the image "logo.gif" located under webRoot/webResources/:

<f:webResources relativePath='logo.gif'/>

To acess the CSS "mycss.css" located under webRoot/webResources/css:

<f:webResources relativePath='css/mycss.css'/>

To include the JavaScript "examplejs.js" in an HTML:

include <f:webResources relativePath='examplejs.js'/>

To link a CSS "exampleStylesheet.css", located under webRoot/webResources/css, in an HTML:

<LINK href="<f:webResources relativePath='css/exampleStylesheet.css'/>"rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

To show an the image "logo.gif", located under webRoot/webResources/img, in an HTML:

<img src="<f:webResources relativePath='img/logo.gif'/>" height="23" width="160"> 

relativePathtruetruejava.lang.StringPath to the resource relative to WebResources folder.

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