Upgrade Overview

This document provides the recommended guidelines for upgrading to the latest version of ALBPM and migrating ALBPM projects from previous versions of the product.

Here's an overview of the main steps needed to upgrade ALBPM projects from 5.x to 6.0:
  1. Understand the requirements for upgrading, as described in Upgrade Requirements and limitations.
  2. Migrate your 5.x projects' code to 6.0. Follow the sections described in Migrating Project Code in the order presented.
  3. Upgrade your 5.x Enterprise environment to 6.0. Follow the sections described in Migrating Enterprise Environment in the order presented. In short:
    1. Install ALBPM Enterprise 6.0.
    2. If upgrading from version 5.5, run the provided SQL scripts to alter your databases structures (not needed if upgrading from 5.7).
    3. Configure ALBPM 6.0 to point to your existing 5.x Directory database.
    4. Make the needed changes to make your environment compatible with 6.0.
    5. Re-deploy your ALBPM projects on your newly upgraded environment.
    6. Start your Process Execution Engines.

The first time you start ALBPM 6.0 Process Administrator during the upgrade, it will automatically alter the schema structure of the Directory database. Likewise, when you first start each Engine, it will alter the schema structure of the Engine database. This means that pre-existing process instances will continue their execution on the new 6.0 environment.