WorkSpace Overview

WorkSpace is the AquaLogic BPM Suite component that you use to carry out tasks that are part of a business process.

BPM stands for Business Process Management, a technique by which the various activities carried out in an organization are sequenced and organized into explicitly defined business processes.

The AquaLogic BPM Suite is made up of several components that can be used to design, implement, simulate, deploy and work with business processes defined in software. A business process generally includes tasks done automatically as well as tasks which require human interaction. WorkSpace is the component that provides an interface for the human activities in the business process.

For a more detailed description of business processes, you can read What is a Business Process?

What can you do with WorkSpace?

WorkSpace is the application that you use to interact with business processes based on the roles assigned to you. WorkSpace is a Web application, so it will work from any browser with access to the WorkSpace application server.

With WorkSpace, you can manage process instances, get information about business processes, interact with other participants, and perform tasks. Specifically, with WorkSpace you may:
The WorkSpace main page contains panels, each of which has a specific function. Four panels are available by default:

A Note on Instances

Throughout the WorkSpace documentation, the term instance is used to denote a given item of work as it travels through the business process. Instance is a generic term, and in your particular environment you may never actually talk about instances. Instead, users will usually think about the specific job they are doing. If you handle purchase orders, your term for instance could be purchase order. If you process loan applications your term might be loan request, or if you handle insurance claims your instance may be called a claim application, or simply a claim.