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What's New

The following table describes many of the major new features in ALDSP 3.

Feature Details
AquaLogic Integration Increased integration and interoperability with other AquaLogic products. Specifically:
  • Support for WebLogic 10.1 and Workshop for WebLogic 10.0 MP1. (ALDSP 3.2)
  • Integration with the AquaLogic Common Service Consumption Framework (ALDSP 3.2/3.01)
  • Interoperability with AquaLogic Enterprise Repository (ALER).
  • Integration with the Service Assembly Modeler (SAM).
  • Integration with AquaLogic Service Bus (ALSB).
  • Integration with AquaLogic Enterprise Security (ALES).
  • Support for WebLogic 9.2 and Workshop for WebLogic 9.2 and 10.2 (ALDSP 3.01).
Update Model Robust data services update capabilities with minimal coding. Specifically:
  • Mutator functions for updates (ALDSP 3.2/3.01)
  • Support for CRUD operations.
  • Graphical update mapper that displays and enables editing of update logic.
  • Support for custom, user-defined update procedures via XQuery Scripting Extensions (XQSE).
  • SDO 2.1 support.
Native Web Services Support
The interface between web services and data services has been improved and simplified.
  • Data Services can be enabled as Web Services - declaratively.
  • Client applications now access data through web services via the Web Service Mediator API.
  • Integrated IDE environment to create, configure and test these data services as web services.
  • Eliminate previous requirements to utilize ALDSP Control and JWS along the path from data services to web services.
Full integration of the Data Services Studio with the Eclipse framework, providing:
  • WSDL Consumption through the AquaLogic Common Service Consumption Framework (ALDSP 3.2/3.01)
  • Enhanced data service mapping editor.
  • Integrated server and deployment management.
  • Outline view supporting large models and data services.
Administration and Deployment Operations
Flexible management and control of ALDSP dataspace projects:
  • Deployment using Work Managers (ALDSP 3.2/3.01)
  • Runtime and WSDL access service accounts (ALDSP 3.2/3.01)
  • Projection of runtime security policies(ALDSP 3.2/3.01)
  • Derived simple types (ALDSP 3.2/3.01)
  • Support for incremental/granular data service deployment.
  • Deploys data services in real time without service interruption.
  • Service Explorer provides improved metadata management.
Security Supports integrated security management, specifically:
  • Encryption-based Data Redaction (ALDSP 3.2/3.01)
  • Security configuration based on identity mappings.
  • Security propagation to underlying data sources.
  • Message- and transport-level security for native ALDSP web services.
Fuller integration of the data services modeler with data services development, including:
  • Enables model-driven data service development.
Operational and developmental performance improvements, including:
  • Improved tooling performance when working with large schemas.
  • Improved runtime memory management.
  • Data streaming support for remote clients.
  • 64-bit JVM support for larger addressable memory (RedHat, HP-UX Itanium).
Documentation  New or Significantly Modified Documentation 
  • ALDSP 3.2/3.01 New Features Documentation
  • Creating a Physical Data Service from a Java Function
  • SQL Maps
  • ALDSP Control
  • Data Services Developer's Guide is also available from the Studio Help > Help Contents area
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