Interoperability Solution for Tuxedo

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Introduction to Tuxedo Transport

Capabilities of the Tuxedo transport

Configuring WebLogic Tuxedo Connector for Tuxedo transport

Before You Begin

Configuring WebLogic Tuxedo Connector

Create a New WTC Server

Create a Local Access Point

Create a Remote Access Point

Activate Changes

Create a User ID

Using BEA Tuxedo Services from AquaLogic Service Bus

Configuring a New Business Service

Add a New Project

Add a Business Service

Load Balancing and Failover

Handling Errors

Testing Your Configuration

Using AquaLogic Service Bus from BEA Tuxedo

Adding and Configuring a Proxy Service

Add a New Project

Add a Proxy Service

Configure the Proxy Service

Testing Your Configuration

Tuxedo Transport Buffer Transformation

Any XML Service Type

Messaging Service Type

Tuxedo Transport Transaction Processing

Inbound Services

Outbound Services

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