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AquaLogic® Interaction 6.1

AquaLogic Interaction provides the framework for applications, supports virtual community workspaces, and integrates them all into a cohesive Web work environment. AquaLogic 6.1 supports Windows and Unix.

Getting Started

The following documents provide installation information and guidance for planning your AquaLogic Interaction deployment.


Administering AquaLogic® Interaction

The following document provides useful information for AquaLogic Interaction administrators.

Online Help

The AquaLogic Interaction online help provides end-user and administrator guidance. It is delivered with and designed for use in conjunction with the AquaLogic Interaction application. We provide it here for users who want to consult it separately from the application.

  • AquaLogic Interaction Online Help


Developer Tools

The following documentation provides useful information for developers responsible for customizing AquaLogic Interaction deployments.