Deployment Planning

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How to Use This Book



Typographical Conventions

BEA Documentation and Resources

Planning Portal Structure and Content

Single Portals and Federated Portals

Experience Definitions


Business Unit Resource Center (Line of Business Communties)

Interactive Workspace (Collaborative Communities)

Customer or Partner Management Site (Sales and Service-Oriented Communities)

Dashboards (Analytic Communities)

Business Process Applications (Process Communities)


AquaLogic Interaction Search

Searchable Content

Grid Search

Grid Search Best Practices

Securing AquaLogic User Interaction

Determining Your Security Needs

Understand Your Environment

Hire Security Consultants or Use Diagnostic Software

Read Security Publications

Ensuring the Security of Your Production Environment

Securing the AquaLogic User Interaction Hosts

Securing Your Database

Defining Administrative Roles

Access Control Lists and Activity Rights

Access Control Lists

Activity Rights

Creating a Group Hierarchy

Assigning Activity Rights

Defining an Administrative Object Hierarchy

Managing Quality through Object Migration

Migration and Staging

Provisioning Computers

Component Host Requirements

Optimization Strategies

Evaluating Hardware Requirements for the Portal

Portal Performance on Various Hardware Hosts

Pages per Second on AquaLogic Interaction 6.5

Pages per Second on AquaLogic Interaction 6.1

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