Overview of the Plumtree Corporate Portal Architecture

Introduction: Portal Architecture Overview

These pages provide a structural design overview of the Plumtree Corporate Portal (5.0.x) focused on the areas of the portal used for development. For a more general overview, see the Plumtree Corporate Portal Deployment Guide.

The following diagram summarizes the portal architecture. Click on an area in the image or scroll down for more information on each component.


Note: This information represents a logical architecture and does not necessarily reflect a physical architecture. For example, the Portal Server may actually be load-balanced across several machines, or an Image Server and a Remote Server might simply be different virtual directories on the same machine. In a large implementation, separate machines are used to run specific components of the portal.

The pages that follow provide more detail on key components and concepts used in Plumtree development.

Portal UI Architecture

Web Services and Enterprise Web Applications

For instructions on how to get started, see the next section, The Plumtree Development Environment. For a full list of topics, see the table of contents.

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