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AquaLogic® User Interaction Developer Tools

AquaLogic User Interaction developer tools enable Java and .NET developers to rapidly build, deliver, and improve user-centric composite applications through AquaLogic Interaction.

What's New

Development Documentation

AquaLogic® Interaction Development Kit (IDK) Documentation

The AquaLogic Interaction Development Kit (IDK) provides interfaces for Integration Web Services -- portlets authentication, profile, crawler, and search -- that integrate enterprise systems into AquaLogic Interaction. The IDK also provides a collection of tools for dynamic portlet development.

AquaLogic® Interaction .NET Application Accelerator Documentation

The AquaLogic Interaction .NET Application Accelerator is a collection of libraries and Visual Studio .NET integration features that support easy authoring of ASP.NET 2.0 portlets. Portlets authored using the .NET Application Accelerator can be consumed in both BEA portal environments: AquaLogic Interaction (ALI) and WebLogic Portal (WLP).

The .NET Application Accelerator 1.1 includes the .NET Portlet Toolkit 1.1, which is also available as a separate download.

AquaLogic® Interaction Logging Utilities Documentation

AquaLogic Interaction Logging Utilities provide tools to receive, display, and store logging messages sent from AquaLogic User Interaction products.

AquaLogic® Interaction Development Kit (IDK) Extensions Documentation

AquaLogic Interaction Development Kit (IDK) Extensions are flexible and comprehensive integration solutions that provide a framework and methodology for building custom, AquaLogic Interaction-based applications that interface with PeopleSoft, SAP and Siebel. These products have been retired, and are available for free download on BEA dev2dev.

JSR-168 Container Documentation

The JSR-168 Container enables you to deploy portlets on AquaLogic Interaction that conform to the JSR-168 portlet standard.

.NET Web Control Consumer Documentation

The AquaLogic Interaction .NET Web Control Consumer package provides support for developers creating portlets using Microsoft .NET Web Controls. The product allows you to make use of the Microsoft Web Controls provided "out of the box" as well as many 3rd party controls built on the .NET Web Controls framework.

WSRP Consumer Documentation

The AquaLogic Interaction WSRP Consumer enables you to deploy portlets on AquaLogic Interaction that conform to the WSRP portlet standard.

UI Customization Installer Documentation

The UI Customization Installer (UICI) automates most of the steps required to set up a development environment for version of the portal. Minimal Eclipse and Ant configuration is still necessary, described in the pages below.