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AquaLogic® Interaction .NET Application Accelerator 1.0

The AquaLogic Interaction .NET Application Accelerator is a collection of libraries and Visual Studio .NET integration features that support easy authoring of ASP.NET 2.0 portlets. Portlets authored using the .NET Application Accelerator can be consumed in both BEA portal environments: AquaLogic Interaction (ALI) and WebLogic Portal (WLP).

To download the .NET Application Accelerator, log on to the AquaLogic Interaction Support Center and navigate to Product Center > Utilities & Developer Tools. For documentation on previous versions of the .NET Web Controls Consumer, see AquaLogic Interaction Developer Tools Documentation.

Getting Started

The Installation and Development Guide describes how to install the .NET Application Accelerator 1.0 and use its components to create portlets in AquaLogic Interaction and WebLogic Portal. The Release Notes cover all outstanding issues.

Resources and Sample Code

The AquaLogic User Interaction Developer Center on dev2dev provides articles, blogs, discussions and sample code.


Additional Developer Tools

AquaLogic Interaction provides a range of additional development tools that complement the IDK.