Installation and Development Guide

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.NET Application Accelerator Components

Required Components - AquaLogic Interaction (ALI)

Required Components - WebLogic Portal (WLP)

How to Use This Book



Typographical Conventions

BEA Documentation and Resources

Installation Prerequisites

Hardware and Software Requirements


Installing the AquaLogic Interaction .NET Application Accelerator

Portlet Development - AquaLogic Interaction

Getting Started with ALI Portlet Project and File Templates

Using Preferences with ALI Portlets

Accessing User Profile Information

Creating ALI Preference Pages

Accessing Additional Portlet Information

Deploying Portlets in AquaLogic Interaction

Using Logging with the .NET Application Accelerator

Portlet Development - WebLogic Portal

Getting Started with WSRP Portlet Project and File Templates

Using WSRP Preferences with WSRP Portlets

Using User Profile Preferences with WSRP Portlets

Registering a Portlet with the WSRP Producer

Consuming a .NET WSRP Portlet from WebLogic Portal

Deploying the WSRP Producer

Retrieving SAML Tokens from WLP

Configuration and Development - .NET Web Control Consumer (WCC)

Introduction - Why WCC?

Additional Configuration Steps

Alternative Image Service Access


Future Framework Support

Portlet Configuration

Development Best Practices


Unique Naming

Submit Buttons

File Upload

Custom JavaScript

Filter Disabling

Development Checklist

Migrating Existing WCC Applications

2.1.x to 3.0

JavaScript Execution

ptrender for Buttons


Debugging the WSRP Producer Deployment

Preferences Don't Work Over WSRP in WebLogic Portal

Using the WebLogic Portal SOAP Monitor to Debug WSRP Traffic

Images Do Not Appear in WSRP Portlets


Portlet Styles and Themes are Not Displayed

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