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AquaLogic® Interaction Development Kit (IDK) 5.4

The AquaLogic Interaction Development Kit (IDK) enables Java and .NET developers to rapidly build, deliver, and improve user-centric composite applications through AquaLogic Interaction and AquaLogic Ensemble. The IDK provides interfaces for pagelets, portlets and integration web services - authentication and profile services, crawlers, and search services.

To download the IDK, log on to the AquaLogic Interaction Support Center and navigate to Product Center > Utilities & Developer Tools.

Getting Started

The following documents provide installation information and guidance for planning your IDK deployment.

Development Tutorials

The following documentation provides useful information for developers using the IDK.

  • Introduction to AquaLogic User Interaction Development
  • IDK Quickstart: Hello World Portlet (Java | .NET)
  • Setting Up a Custom IDK Project (Java | .NET)


API Documentation

API documentation is provided for both Java and .NET.

Resources and Sample Code

The AquaLogic User Interaction Developer Center on dev2dev provides articles, blogs, discussions and sample code.