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AquaLogic Interaction Development Kit 6.0

The AquaLogic Interaction Development Kit (IDK) enables Java and .NET developers to rapidly build and deliver user-centric composite applications through AquaLogic Interaction and AquaLogic Ensemble. The IDK provides interfaces for pagelets, portlets and integration web services - authentication and profile services, crawlers, and search services.

The 6.0 release of the IDK includes the new proxy API, used to create pagelets for implementation in both AquaLogic Ensemble and AquaLogic Interaction.

To download the IDK, log on to the AquaLogic Interaction Support Center and navigate to Product Center > Utilities & Developer Tools.

Getting Started

The following documents provide installation information and guidance for planning your IDK deployment.

Development Tutorials

The following documentation provides useful information for developers using the IDK.


API Documentation

API documentation is provided for both Java and .NET.

Resources and Sample Code

The AquaLogic User Interaction Developer Center on dev2dev provides articles, blogs, discussions and sample code.