Installation and Upgrade Guide

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How to Use This Book



Typographical Conventions

BEA Documentation and Resources

Pre-Installation Procedures

Ensuring Component Version Compatibility

Configuring the Documentum DFC Runtime Environment

Setting Up User and Group Accounts (UNIX and Linux)

Installing AquaLogic Interaction Content Service - Documentum

Installation Procedure

Starting and Stopping the BEA ALI Content Service for Documentum

To Start the Service in Windows

To Start the Service in UNIX and Linux

To Stop the Service in Windows

To Stop the Service in UNIX and Linux

Configuring Documentum CS

Importing, Configuring and Creating Documentum CS Objects

Importing the Remote Server and Content Web Service

Mapping File Types

Creating a Content Source

Creating a Content Crawler

Creating a Job

Configuring Security for Document Discovery

Configuring Security for Document Access

Setting the Preferred Document Rendition

Upgrading Documentum CS

Upgrading the Documentum CS Software

Upgrading from the Native Documentum Crawler to the Remote Content Crawler


Reviewing Log Files

Modifying Configuration Files

Diagnosing Unexpected Results

Advanced Configuration: Tuning Documentum Server

Modifying the dmcl.ini File on the Documentum CS Host

Modifying the server.ini File on the Documentum Server

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