AquaLogic User Interaction Development Guide

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Adding Links to Pages LiveSpaces and DataSpaces Using Adaptive Tags

To add links to Pages LiveSpaces and DataSpaces to pagelets or portal navigation, use the tags in the Pages adaptive tag library.

Pages tags retrieve LiveSpaces and DataSpaces by making requests to web services on the Pages server. The results are cached for 5 minutes or until the user logs out. The tags return only the LiveSpaces and DataSpaces to which the current user has access.
You can add pt:pages data tags to the navigation in any custom header portlet using the syntax shown below.
<pt:pages.livespacesdata pt:id="livespacemenu" />
<pt:pages.dataspacesdata pt:id="dataspacemenu" /> 

<pt:plugnav.ddmenurowcontainer pt:menuvar="midrowmenu" pt:hideemptymenus="true" >
<pt:plugnav.ddmenutab pt:containervar="midrowmenu" pt:datavar="mypagemenu" pt:text="$#1840.ptmsgs_portalbrowsingmsgs" />
<pt:plugnav.ddmenutab pt:containervar="midrowmenu" pt:datavar="commmenu" pt:text="$#1841.ptmsgs_portalbrowsingmsgs" />
<pt:plugnav.ddmenutab pt:containervar="midrowmenu" pt:datavar="directorymenu" pt:text="$#1842.ptmsgs_portalbrowsingmsgs" />
<pt:plugnav.ddmenutab pt:containervar="midrowmenu" pt:datavar="mandlinks" pt:text="$mandlinksname" />
<pt:plugnav.ddmenutab pt:containervar="midrowmenu" pt:datavar="livespacemenu pt:text="Livespaces" />
<pt:plugnav.ddmenutab pt:containervar="midrowmenu" pt:datavar="dataspacemenu" pt:text="Dataspaces" />
<pt:plugnav.ddmenusimpletabs pt:containervar="midrowmenu" pt:datavar="menutabs" />
For information and instructions on deploying custom navigation elements, see Implementing Custom Navigation Using Adaptive Tags.

You can also add LiveSpaces, DataSpaces and other Pages components to a portal page using custom portlets. For details, see Creating a Portlet from a Page Component in the Administrator Guide for AquaLogic Pages.

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