AquaLogic .NET Application Accelerator Installation and Upgrade Guide

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Installing the AquaLogic .NET Portlet Toolkit

To install the AquaLogic .NET Portlet Toolkit component of the AquaLogic .NET Application Accelerator, including the .NET Portlet API, WCC and related files, run ALDotNetPortletToolkit_v1-1_mp1.exe.

The ALDotNetPortletToolkit_v1-1_mp1.exe installation package installs the .NET Portlet API, WCC and related files. .
  1. Copy the installation package to a location on the host server.
  2. To launch the installer, double-click ALDotNetPortletToolkit_v1-1_mp1.exe.
  3. Complete the installation wizard pages as described in the table that follows.
    Wizard Page Description
    Choose Components Choose the components to install:
    • .NET Portlet Toolkit: Installs class libraries and VisualStudio templates for both ALI and WSRP portlets.
    • .NET Web Controls Consumer (WCC): Installs all runtime components required to run the WCC. If you are developing WSRP portlets, this component is not required.
    • Image Service Files for ALI Image Server: Installs the URL-addressable resources that must be available for the WCC to operate correctly. This option can be used to install these resources on a separate static content server such as IIS or Apache. If you are developing WSRP portlets, this component is not required.
    Note: If you are installing in a distributed system (ALI is on a different server than the server that hosts portlets), you must run the installer twice: 1) install the .NET Portlet Toolkit and WCC on the remote server that hosts portlets, and 2) install the Image Service Files on the server that hosts the ALI Image Server.
    Choose Install Folder Enter the path to the folder where the Portlet Toolkit files should be installed.

    (This page appears only if the .NET Portlet Toolkit and/or WCC options were selected.)

    Path to Image Service Files This page displays the location on the server from which static content is served. The location should be the same as the ALI Image Service.

    (This page appears only if the Image Service Files for ALI Image Server option was selected.)

    Pre-Installation Summary Review your choices before clicking Install to proceed.
    Installation Complete Choose whether or not to restart your system and click Done to close the installer.
    Once installation is complete, a set of project and file templates will be available in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, and the installation directory will contain necessary resources and libraries.

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