AquaLogic .NET Application Accelerator Installation and Upgrade Guide

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Installing the AquaLogic .NET WSRP Producer

To install the AquaLogic .NET WSRP Producer component of the AquaLogic .NET Application Accelerator, run ALDotNetWSRPProducer_v1-1_mp1.exe.

The ALDotNetWSRPProducer_v1-1_mp1.exe installation package installs only the WSRP Producer. For instructions on installing the .NET Portlet API, WCC and related files, see Installing the AquaLogic .NET Portlet Toolkit.
  1. Copy the installation package to a location on the host server.
  2. To launch the installer, double-click ALDotNetWSRPProducer_v1-1_mp1.exe.
  3. Complete the installation wizard pages as described in the table that follows.
    Wizard Page Description
    Choose Install Folder Enter the path to the folder where the WSRP Producer should be installed.
    Select IIS Web Site Select whether to deploy the WSRP Producer in the default IIS web site or another web site.
    Specify IIS Web Site Information If you chose to deploy to another web site (not the default IIS web site), enter the name for the WSRP Producer web site and its unsecured and secured ports. Note: This page does not appear if you selected the default IIS web site on the previous page.
    Pre-Installation Summary Review your choices before clicking Next to proceed.
    Installation Complete Click Done to close the installer. You will be prompted to restart your machine.
    Once installation is complete, the WSRP Producer web site will be registered with IIS. The WSRP Producer web site will be available at the following URL: http://<iis-website-address>/wsrpproducer1.1.
    Note: If an incorrect web site port is specified during install, the Producer installation will be configured with incorrect service URLs and will not be accessible. The installer determines the hostname for Producer web service URLs from the fully-qualified domain name of the host machine. If this is not correct (for example, if the IIS instance uses a hostname alias) the service might not be accessible. The installer sets the Producer web service URLs using the http protocol; to use https, the service URLs must be updated. To update the Producer service URLs to resolve any of these issues, see Configuring WSRP Producer Service URLs (WSRPService.wsdl) in the WSRP Development Guide.
Note: Microsoft Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 2.0 is required on the server that hosts the WSRP Producer and .NET Portlet API. The WSE installation package is included in the .NET Application Accelerator installation package in the /thirdparty folder.

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