AquaLogic .NET Portlet Toolkit AquaLogic Interaction (ALI) Development Guide

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BEA Documentation and Resources

Authoring ALI Portlets

Creating an ALI Portlet Using the .NET Portlet Toolkit

Manipulating ALI Preferences Using the .NET Portlet Toolkit

Accessing User Profile Information Using the .NET Portlet Toolkit

Accessing Additional Portlet Information Using the .NET Portlet Toolkit

Creating ALI Preference Pages Using the .NET Portlet Toolkit

Logging .NET Application Accelerator Activity

Using the Web Control Consumer (WCC)

About the AquaLogic Web Control Consumer (WCC)

Configuring ALI Portlets in the Web Control Consumer

Configuring Image Server Access

Configuring .NET Framework Support for the Web Control Consumer

Web Control Consumer Development Best Practices

Web Control Consumer Frequently Asked Questions

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