3.3. Create MetaData

This action will activate a wizard to create and edit new metadata. The wizard will ask you for all the information needed to write the metadata. Upon completion, the wizard will mount the newly created file and will be treated like every other .jdo file.

The first page will ask what kind of .jdo file you want to create. Note that you can have any combination of the three types in your system just as at runtime. The JDO Overview's Metadata Placement chapter describes in detail what each .jdo file can support.

The second panel provides a table listing the classes for which metadata will be created. You can add and remove from the list. Enter a class name into the text field. Valid classes will be in green while invalid entries will be in red. When you are done selecting classes, select Next

The third panel gives you access to the MetaData Editors for the new classes. The top drop-down switches the editing panel with the different classes. See the MetaData Editor section for more details on the editor.

When you press finish, Kodo Workbench will proceed to generate and mount the new .jdo files. You can now use the newly create metadata to work on the new classes throughout Kodo Workbench.